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Shri Sidha knows that businesses are powerful part of society and they should exist to use the power of business to solve social, economic and environmental problems. Our culture is to give back flows from the tradition of nation and community building.

We believe corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a major mission which is at our heart while everything we do, we think and we are. We are committed to integrating environmental and ethical principles into our business and that is why the scrap industry is one the major part of the contribution to the environment.

Recycling one tonne of steel saves 1,100 kilograms of iron ore, 630 kilograms of coal, and 55 kilograms of limestone. An average metal object is composed of about 60% recycled material and approximately 90% end-of-life metal is collected and recycled into new products.

In our supply chain, we are committed to make our suppliers reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing the product lifecycle, reducing packaging, and increasing product return rates for refurbishment, reuse, and resale.